Rairie Prairie (RP Logo)

Anything Helps

Prairie Gallery has been robbed by Paddle8. RP then stole Prairie’s Logo for the new Rairie Prairie RP Logo in order to raise awareness of the robbery. RP generously donated to the Prairie Emergengy Fundraiser to save Prairie.


We have some devastating news to share.

Earlier this year we hosted a fundraising auction on Paddle8. Late last month we were informed that they had filed for bankruptcy (unrelated to COVID-19). Paddle8 has not paid out any of the funds we raised, which total $20,760.

We’ve been robbed. Prairie relies on fundraiser proceeds to keep our doors open. We won't know the outcome of Paddle8’s bankruptcy case for 9-12 months and it is our understanding that we will receive pennies on the dollar of what we are owed, if anything at all. Without these funds we cannot continue.

We are asking for your help. We also recognize that this is a terrible time to do so. Many are hurting due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions, ourselves included. We believe that art is essential for generating ideas, processing reality, and building community—all things that are of the utmost importance right now.

With your help Prairie will continue to support artists through our exhibition program—including planned presentations this year with Bea Fremderman, Faysal Altunbozar, ektor garcia, Ralf Pflugfelder and Suzanna Zak. We humbly ask you donate whatever you can.

Anything helps.