Adaptation and appropriation of 100 artists’ Bios.

in Typeface Prophet
119 x 84 cm
Individually Framed

Born in 1987, RP is an artist who doesn’t stop to travel around the world in order to find inspiration and give to her art this depth provided by the observation of new things. She can start a new work, a new research from scratch. What is important before all, is the transfer between real to art, transformation produced between what she sees and what she feels. She always had a certain ease regarding artistic expression of things, that’s why she choose to spend a part of her studies in the field of Art and the other one in Literature. Although she started to paint with oil painting, she would prefer thereafter using acrylic which would answer much better to the translation of her inner universe. She likes working materials, colours and even more, the particular ambiance of these pictures, which prove to be particularly oneiric. Her sensitivity for music is one of the recurrence we can find in her piece of work, she likes to attempt to capture beauty which comes from notes which evaporate in time and fix it in eternity of colours lying on the canvas. Finally art is far more than a work or a passion for her, it is also a remedy able to heal no matter the wound of soul.

Bio #37/100 (after ELB)